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Helen Shaw

Licensed REAA 2008

Working Hard To Get You SOLD!


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1/14 Dominion Street, Takapuna

23a Sunnynook Road, Sunnynook

2/18 Wernham Place, Northcote

54 Holyoake Place, Chatswood

18 Jenanne Place, Totara Vale

2/300 Rangatira Road, Beach Haven

21 Peterhouse Place, West Harbour

1/46 Hastings Road, Mairangi Bay

2/8 Phillip Parade, Forrest Hill

1/38 Shakespeare Road, Milford


2/30 Kowhai Road, Campbells Bay

76a Sunnynook Road, Sunnynook

14 Wainoni Heights Greenhithe

2/8 Tobruk Crescent, Milford

1/35 Sunnynook Road, Forrest Hill

53 Corunna Road Milford

1/29 Beatrice Avenue, Hillcrest

60a Juniper Road, Sunnynook

1/32 Manuka Road, Glenfield

288B East Coast Rd Forrest Hill

2/142 Nile Road Milford

8 Bracken Avenue, Takapuna

69 Park Hill Road, Birkenhead

1/2 Omana Road, Milford

2/73 Bond Crescent Forrest Hill

2/87 Nigel Road, Browns Bay

2/57 Killarney St, Takapuna

1/60 Selwyn Crescent, Forrest Hill

26/5 Carolina Place, Albany

63 Weatherly Road, Torbay

1/77 Juniper Road, Sunnynook

3/296 Sunset Road, Windsor Park

6/5 Carolina Place, Albany

6a Park Rise, Campbells Bay

2/30a Walter Street, Takapuna

1/33 Raleigh Road, Northcote

2/33 Raleigh Road, Northcote

1/17 Bond Crescent, Forrest Hill

2/30 Bond Crescent, Forrest Hill

73D East Coast Road, Castor Bay

39 Salamanca Road, Sunnynook

1/104 Sylvan Ave, Northcote

21 Prestige Place, Castor Bay

1 & 2/219 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill

83c Kowhai Road, Mairangi Bay

54 Channel View Road, Campbells Bay

40 Selwyn Crescent, Forrest Hill

2/611 Beach Road, Rothesay Bay

5 Taraire Place, Orewa

1/2 Bayview Road, Hauraki

2/778 East Coast Road, Oteha

624 Beach Road, Browns Bay

14b Havelock Ave, Forrest Hill

4b Tusac Place, Totara Vale

54 Fitzwilliam Drive, Torbay

10 Dodson Avenue, Milford

9 Malters Place, Browns Bay

2/20 Alma Road, Milford


307a Rangatira Road, Beach Haven

2/43 Archers Road, Hillcrest

2/9 Jenanne Place, Totara Vale

1/55 Nile Road, Milford

7 Hatfield Place, Albany 


2/14 Selwyn Crescent, Forrest Hill

15 Mizpah Road, Waiake

32 Hatfield Place, Albany Heights

106/16 Huron Street, Takapuna

317a Lake Road, Hauraki

67 Seine Road, Forrest Hill

713 East Coast Road, Browns Bay

13 Mercury Lane, Mairangi Bay

1/22 Malters Place, Browns Bay

13 Northbrook Close, Greenhithe

5/67 Bentley Avenue, Glenfield

3 Lansdowne Street, Bayswater

21C Stanley Street, Milford

22 Seine Road, Forrest Hill

1/23 Jenanne Place, Totara Vale

63 Field Lane, Waitoki

13C Springfield Street, Forrest Hill

14 Rosemary Avenue, Forrest Hill

12E Relko Crescent, Torbay

4/12 Castor Bay Road, Castor Bay

66 Bond Crescent, Forrest Hill

44 Matipo Road, Mairangi Bay

16 Scarboro Terrace, Murrays Bay